TARRAH KRAJNAK Shadowings, a Catalogue of Attitudes for Estranged Daughters

Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, Netherlands
28 Oct 2023 - 25 Feb 2024
On 28 October 2023 Huis Marseille will open Shadowings, a Catalogue of Attitudes for Estranged Daughters, the first museum solo exhibition of the Peruvian-American artist Tarrah Krajnak (1979, Lima, Peru). The exhibition brings together her most important bodies of work spanning twenty years, including the series Master Rituals II: Weston’s Nudes which earned Krajnak the prestigious Louis Roederer Discovery Award in 2021 launching her international breakthrough. This rich variety of series on display at the Huis Marseille exhibition exemplifies Krajnak’s overall conceptual approach to photography: she uses the camera less as a lens through which one documents the world and more as a research tool, a means for experimentation and image making that moves between the studio, fieldwork, archival intervention, and analog darkroom as sites for production. Krajnak’s lens is often turned on other photographs, employing appropriation, as well as the artist herself: strategies that bend time and blur the line between staged self-portraiture and performance, self and other, fact and fiction.