JAMES WHITE in: PaintingPhotography

H2 - Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst, Augsburg, Germany
27 Jul - 3 Dec 2023
PaintingPhotography examines artistic concepts at the intersection of photography and painting. The blending and overlapping of the two spheres has long since generated transitions that are superficially barely perceptible, and not only on a technical level. The visual portfolios of artistic pictorial invention are increasingly dissolving categorizations based on classical standards in favor of new image forms, in which theoretical reflection, poetry, and new associative spaces are in the process of being created. Dissolution as well as expansion are equally poles that capture and develop the intertwining of photographic and painterly images to a greater extent.

Twelve artists from France, Great Britain, Israel, Germany and the USA present ‘pure’ as well as cross-media works of art from photography, painting and video.