Interview by Alex Merola with Tod Papageorge
i-D Magazine, 19 Jun 2023

In all of history, was there a better time to kick back on the beach than in 80s southern California? A persue through Tod Papageorge’s gorgeous beach book, out now with Stanley/Barker, suggests not. An eternal sandy picnic is underway in At the Beach. It’s certainly a contender for the hottest photobook of the year so far, but Tod Papageorge never intended it to be a book, nor a project, as such. “I was simply interested in the beach and the beautiful Los Angeles light. I made my first pictures in the summer of 1975, although I don’t recall exactly how that trip happened, who I was with or what car we used. All I remember is being on the beach in Malibu and photographing with 6x9cm cameras.”