Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Cologne, Germany
23 Apr - 4 Jun 2023
American artist Peter Downsbrough has developed a reduced visual vocabulary that he uses to relate his work to a particular space. He uses different media such as black and white photography, sculpture and wall work to create his space-related exhibitions. He uses lines, letters, cuts, and the spaces in between. Through documenting his sculptures in urban spaces, photography originally found its place in Downsbrough's oeuvre. His photographs are mostly arranged in diptychs, triptychs, or sequences, and their graphic elements condense the urban landscapes and architectural fragments almost to the point of abstraction. The seemingly documentary character of some of the photographic works reflects the representation of urban space by means of a formal-aesthetically impressive formal language that cites both minimalism and conceptual art. Through their sequences and perspectives, the photographs also mark the perception of time and movement in space. More than 40 years ago Peter Downsbrough formulated: "Photographs which look at a situation and are placed together on a wall / walls of the room" and thus describes an elementary component of his work.