Musée Paul-Dini, Villefranche-sur-Saône, France
17 Mar - 17 Sep 2023
The exhibition Le Toucher du monde shows pieces of art from the collections of both, the FRAC Auvergne and the Musée Paul-Dini. This exhibition connects the works according to links which, sometimes arise from the echo between artists maintaining familiarities and affinities, sometimes are woven by poetic or formal rapprochements. Inspired by the famous childish game of the Marabout (piece of string, horse saddle, etc.), the exhibition route at the Espace Cornil takes the theme of childhood as a beginning and ends with the contemporary representation of still lifes, passing through a stunning image of the Martian soil. At the Espace Grenette, the dialogue continues about representations of nature and the metamorphoses of the landscape.

Featured Artists:
Dove Allouche, Darren Almond, Christiane Baumgartner, Claire Chesnier, Sylvain Roche, Claire Tabouret, Jaques Truphémus and many others.