SANTU MOFOKENG Weißer geht's nicht

New article by Freddy Langer (German language)
FAZ, 23 Feb 2023
Long-term observations from South Africa: Gallery Thomas Zander is showing the Billboards by photographer Santu Mofokeng. Instead of bright colors, he showed more of the dark side. South Africa is the country over which the sun pours its light in such a way that the hills of the savannah glow from within and on the boulevards of the big cities the passers-by seem to be illuminated as if they were in the limelight of searchlights. But there is hardly anything of that to be seen in the pictures of Santu Mofokeng. Until his death in January 2020, the photographer devoted himself to the corners and life situations in South Africa where things are rather gloomy. He was never concerned with the colors of the country. All the more about the conflict between black and white.