JOANNA PIOTROWSKA The resistance of bodies seen by photographer Joanna Piotrowska

Article by Emmanuelle Lequeux (French language)
LE MONDE, 12 Feb 2023
On the occasion of her new exhibition at LE BAL, Paris
Exhibited and celebrated in the greatest international institutions, the Polish photographer Joanna Piotrowska, 38, highlights the intimacy of bodies in struggle. Her compositions are presented at LE BAL, in Paris, from February 16th.
A caress which we do not know if it is constrained or loving. A gesture that could be a signal or perhaps tries to protect. A hand, a shelter, a shadow...
The bodies photographed by Joanna Piotrowska are under tension. An impalpable tension, but disconcerting. Over the course of her images the home feels strange, the body is alert and intractable.