MUSEUM LUDWIG COLOGNE. History of a Collection with Civic Commitments

National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
29 Jun - 26 Sep 2022
Museum Ludwig is sending a top-class selection of more than 150 works from its collection to Japan. From 29 Jun to 26 Sep 2022, the presentation will be on view at the National Art Center in Tokyo and from 14 Oct 2022 to 22 Jan 2023, at the National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto. Among them are works by Max Beckmann, Josef Beuys, Max Ernst, Paul Klee, Kasimir Malevich, Franz Marc, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and many other artists.  

The presentation is supplemented by a compilation of photographs from the Museum Ludwig's extensive collection, for example by Hugo Erfurth, Candida Höfer and Man Ray. With the acquisition of the Gruber Collection in 1977, the Museum Ludwig was one of the first art museums in the former Federal Republic to build up a photography collection.