MITCH EPSTEIN Silver + Chrome

is now published by Steidl!

Silver + Chrome is a chronicle of Mitch Epstein's three years alternating between color and black-and-white, before eventually committing to color.
This book contains Epstein’s earliest work, virtually none of which has been seen before. In these kinetic tableaux, the artist’s exuberance is tamed, just barely, by his formal intelligence. He depicts American city life as it undergoes taboo-shattering sexual liberation, economic crises and the repercussions of a boondoggle war in Vietnam, immersing us in the urban chaos of this complicated time.

Mitch Epstein
Silver & Chrome
Edited by Ryan Spencer
Published by Steidl Verlag, Göttingen
112 pages
35 x 26.3 cm
1st Edition 05/2022