JUDITH JOY ROSS I Photographs 1978 - 2015

LE BAL, Paris, France
16 Mar - 18 Sep 2022
LE BAL presents the photographic work of American artist Judith Joy Ross, a major figure in contemporary photography known worldwide for her portraits. 

Startling in their transparency, the photographs of Judith Joy Ross (Hazleton, 1946) attest the ability of a portrait to glimpse the past, present, and even the future of its subject. Since the mid-1970s, Ross has used large-format cameras, printing the resulting negatives by contact to memorialize her brief encounters with a cross-section of individuals, with a focus on the working-class people of northeastern Pennsylvania, where she was born, raised, and still lives.

Without sentimentality or irony, Ross registers with steely delicacy the faces and bearing of the people who stand before her lens, intent on seeing the complexity of who they are rather than a projection of who they might otherwise be. This has required a spontaneous and radical leveling of the relationship between photographer and subject. (Joshua Chuang, curator)

PRESS REVIEW (Selection): 

Die vieldeutigen Blicke der Judith Joy Ross, ARTE TV, by Richard Bonnet, 29 Jul 2022.

Judith Joy Ross in Paris: Fotografische Ruhepole, Monopol, by Robert Schl├╝cker, 22 Mar 2022.