MITCH EPSTEIN 'American Power'

Photobiennale 2020, XIII Moscow International Month of Photography
Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, Russia
5 Sep - 18 Oct 2020
As part of the XIII Moscow International Month of Photography Photobiennale 2020, Galerie Thomas Zander in cooperation with the Multimedia Art Museum Moscow is delighted to present the exhibition American Power by the American photographer Mitch Epstein.

"I became fascinated by the pun of power — electrical power came from political power, which came from corporate power — and civic power met up against all that. The theme started out small — electrical energy in the US — and swelled up pretty quickly into an exploration of the very meaning of power in the United States", says Mitch Epstein.

In addition to the famous cycle American Power, realized between 2003 and 2008, the exhibition features also the series Recreation, American Photographs (1973-1988), and the new project Property Rights (2017—2018), which portrays communities and individuals struggling for their rights in America. The series also draws on the complex history of landscape photography and westward expansion in America and looks at our current moment through underlying layers of history, asking who owns the land, by whose authority, and with what rights.